The K-Bay Bash Fishing Tournament!

L to R: Rusty (standing in for Scott Wilson), Steve Harris, Dennis Harney, Stan McCrea. All photos by Jean Ehrhorn.

2007 KBay Bash Final Standings

Award Name HWK mbr   Saturday   Sunday
Papio - 1st Stan McCrea Y 1.0 "Omilu 8.1 'Omilu
Papio - 2nd Scott Wilson Y 6.2 Aukea   NC
Papio - 3rd Craig Colburn N   DNS 4.7 'Omilu
Other - 1st Dennis Harney N 2.5 'Omilu 12.5 Aukea
Other - 2nd Steve Harris Y 10.3 Aukea 7.0 'Omilu *
Other - 3rd David Myers N 4.4 Table Boss   DNS
Also Fished: Isaac Brumaghim N   NC 3.4 'Omilu
  Gary Budlong Y   NC   NC
  Alan Calhoun Y   DNS   NC
  Norman Chun Y   NC 4.4 'Omilu
  Alex Dobrinski N   NC   NC
  Chuck Ehrhorn Y 3.8 'Awaawa   NC
  Rusty Lillico Y   DNS   NC
  Doug Peebles Y   NC   NC
  Alan Relator N   NC   NC
  Ed Rhinelander Y   NC   NC
  Tim Sawyer Y   DNS   NC
  Terry Shimabukero Y   NC 1.6 Aukea
  Jane Skanderup Y   NC   DNS
  Deneil Wilson Y   DNS   DNS
  NC = No Catch          
  DNS = Did Not Start          

These results are for the biggest fish of the day for each fisherman: if several fish were bagged by an individual, he or she had to decide which fish to enter at the weigh-in.
*Steve Harris would have taken 2nd place in both divisions but an ad hoc ruling decided to award him for Second Biggest Other Fish, and advance the Papio catchers by one place. Thank you Steve for graciously acceding to our rule changes.

Top winners: Dennis Harney and Stan McCrea

Fishing notes:
With the exception of Scott's papio caught early on Sat. morning, the largest fish were caught about noon on both days. That would have been right at the top of the tide. All of the big fish were caught outside the reef, and most right around the mouth of the Channel, about a mile or so out from Chinaman's Hat. Catch was divided well between bait and lures: bait used was 'opelu and 'oama, lures were Yo-zuri and Rapala

Scott Wilson shows his 2nd-place 'omilu to Steve Harris, while Chuck Ehrhorn tries to hold on to his 'awaawa

John Enomoto, center, owner of Go Bananas Kayaks, presents Stan McCrea with his "coupon" for a 1st-prize Scrambler XT Angler, while co-organizer Rusty Lillico officiates.

Steve Harris also uses his sail-rigged Scupper Pro to compete in the annual Windbag Regatta