Hui Wa'a Kaukahi

Geographical Co-ordinates

for many of the Paddle launch points on Oahu

.KMZ files
You must have GoogleEarth installed on your computer. It's free. GoogleEarthGo to GoogleEarth site
Waypoints for a Garmin GPS device. You need to have MapSource available.
Data table for several points in Excel format. Lat/long data is in decimal form.
Same stuff as above, in boring old text format. Will open in your browser window.
Pretty much the same as the two above, but neater, and in a printable form

These data will be periodically updated, until they are more or less complete. Don't hold your breath, it's very tedious work. However, if you wish to help, please feel free to compile your own database and email it to me. I will endeavor to include it in our offerings.

Special thanks to Gerrit Osborne, who provided the impetus for all this, and also did most of the original compiling.


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