Hui Wa'a Kaukahi

Carpool Protocols for Club Paddles

  1. Carpools are O K as long as:
    • No more than 4 people sit in a regular 5-seat car. The windows of the car must be rolled down all the time and the ventilation setting is set to "fresh air."
    • Pickup trucks can take one or two more in the bed.
    • Everybody wears a face mask while in the car.
  2. Paddle leaders make the final call on proceeding with a paddle.
    • If a leader can’t or doesn’t want to do a paddle, he or she should find a substitute leader and announce it to the club.
    • If it’s a bad weather cancellation of course, the cancellation stands.
    • A leader may change a paddle to a non-carpool route, preferably with giving advance notice to potential paddlers via the web schedule.
  3. Paddler groups are now limited to 10 people.
    • If more than 10 people show up, they should be split up into two groups that should be kept separate.
    • An assistant paddle leader should be designated to lead the second group.

These rules comply with the current CDC, State of Hawaii, ACA, and City and County guidelines and Emergency Orders.

Please also remember:
our paddles are elective events in which paddlers participate at their own discretion. If some are still concerned about COVID infection or transmission under these conditions, they can simply decline to paddle.