Hui Wa'a Kaukahi

The Phoenician Boat Ramp

In 2005, in a spectacular display of community aloha, Ko Olina Resort abruptly closed - and demolished - their boat ramp abutting the Barber's Point Deep Draft Harbor, thus removing the only public small-boat access to the ocean between the Waianae Small Boat Harbor and Keehi Lagoon, a distance of almost 30 miles.

Fortunately for us, The Phoenician LLC, a commercial drydock company, owns a small boat ramp close by (on the south side of the Harbor), and thanks to the diplomatic skills of Club member (and paddle leader) Kevin Ching, they have agreed to allow the Club once-a-year access through their facility for our paddle.

The only down side to this arrangement is that it adds about 10 miles to the carpool distance, which adds considerably to the before-launch time required. Please be punctual.

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