Hui Wa'a Kaukahi

Nui a lehulehu na mokupuni, 'a'ole lawa ka manawa

So many islands, so little time!

Kayakers with raised paddles

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Because of liability concerns, our paddles are for members only. Non-members are however welcome to tag along as “guests” but they will be required to read and sign our waiver, and pay a $10 ACA event fee, before they can go. The same is true for club members who are not ACA members.


  • Hale‘iwa to Runway Beach 2024
    As we rendezvoused at the Hale‘iwa War Memorial the beach park was already bustling as early birds began to arrive for the 25th Hale‘iwa Arts Festival. While I’m sure the festival offered lots of lovely things to see, three other paddlers and I opted to enjoy the beauty of the ocean instead.
  • Summer Solstice Celebration 2024
    The kayaking part of this event was canceled because of a Small Craft Advisory (SCA), but a small group of us gathered at Electric Beach to snorkel, picnic and watch the sunset.
  • He‘eia Kea to Ahu o Laka 2024
    It was a great day to paddle to Ahu o Laka, the Kāneʻohe Bay sandbar. Eight paddlers met at the Heʻeia Kea Canoe Hale. It was low tide so we had a sandy beach to set up our kayaks.
  • Tracks to Pokai Bay 2024
    Small swells rolled up the beach at Tracks, but they weren’t breaking so we all launched without incident. As we began our journey up the coast a lifeguard on an Ocean Safety jet ski pulled along side me and asked where we were headed. When I replied Pokai he responded, “Whoa!”
  • Makai Pier to Kailua 2024
    Seven kayakers answered the call to trek seven miles from the Makai Range Pier to the Kailua boat ramp with a rest stop on Moku Nui.

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