Hui Wa'a Kaukahi

Nui a lehulehu na mokupuni, 'a'ole lawa ka manawa

So many islands, so little time!

Sunset at Electric Beach

Summer Solstice Celebration 2024

Story and photos by Terry Shimabukuro (except as noted)

June 21, 2024

The kayaking part of this event was canceled because of a Small Craft Advisory (SCA), but a small group of us gathered at Electric Beach to snorkel, picnic and watch the sunset. Ruby and I were joined by Norm Chun, Mary Ann, Jled, Beth and Won Yee Cheng-Leever and Susan Wilcox. While there was a steady breeze it was nowhere near SCA level nearshore so we were disappointed that we could have been kayaking.

A small pod of spinner dolphins cruised back and forth a little beyond the power plant outflow and kept us entertained with their acrobatics before sunset. The conditions were perfect for snorkeling so Norm, Beth and I jumped in. The warm water at the outflow attracts a wide variety of fish and it was fun to watch them “playing” in the current.

We enjoyed our picnic dinners and getting to know Susan who was attending her third club event. Good ol’ Sol did not disappoint and painted the horizon in a relaxing, warm orange glow. A wonderful end to the second longest day of the year (the solstice was actually the day before).

We waited for La Luna to rise, but a hill masked her appearance so we packed up and headed home. Once we drove around the hill she shined big and mesmerizingly beautiful! Too bad we didn’t see it while on the water…maybe next year!