Hui Wa'a Kaukahi

Nui a lehulehu na mokupuni, 'a'ole lawa ka manawa

So many islands, so little time!

Two kayaks on a calm Kaneohe Bay

He’eia Kea Pier to Kapapa

Story by Eileen Helmstetter
Photo by Beth Leever

Four intrepid paddlers set off from He’eia Kea Boat Harbor to the flat calm waters of Kaneohe Bay. Skimming across reefs, marine life and sandbar we entered the water mauka of Kapapa Island. Beth Leever played in the surf while Bert Wong went in to the beach. Meanwhile I paddled around Kapapa following Stan Dalbec’s frolics looking for rock gardening opportunities. The group returned to He’eia Kea Boat Harbor after a snorkel around a patch reef via Turtle Town. A very pleasant and carefree paddle was had by all!